College of American Pathologists

Accredited Laboratory Directory

This searchable database identifies laboratories that have been accredited by the CAP.

All laboratories included in this list have been found to meet the standards of the College’s Commission on Laboratory Accreditation.

The College offers this database to advise the public of those laboratories that have successfully participated in its Laboratory Accreditation Program. However, the College makes no endorsement of, and does not guarantee the performance of, any of these laboratories. Moreover, because the accreditation program is voluntary, there may be excellent laboratories that do not appear in the database. Any potential user of the services of a particular laboratory should make his or her own determination of the quality of that laboratory based on all available considerations.

How to locate a specific laboratory

To search the database, enter the name, city, or ZIP code of the laboratory you are seeking. For laboratories within the United States and Canada, use the drop-down list for “State” to select the state or province in which to search.

Please note: If your search by name is not successful, try a key word within the name. For example, if “Children’s Hospital Laboratory” is unsuccessful, try “children.”


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